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Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service
Super Secret Service

Review Super Secret Service

Kevin Vadala
Fun music, great graphics, addicting
Ads on free version
Super Secret Service for Android is a simple retro game with very catchy music. In the game you act as two secret service bodyguards who jump in the way of impending objects in order to protect the president. You can control two at once, by tapping on each side of the respective screen to make that bodyguard dash that way.
I like a lot of things about the game, like how it looks and feels. It reminds me of games back on the Super Nintendo. The artwork is very pixelated but it has more depth to it and style. It’s not just pixelated graphics, and it feels modern. The music is heavy, and very 90’s gaming music which is very cool.
It's definitely one of those games that you will either like it and find it addicting, or you will get bored of it very quickly. I found it initially very strange and gimmicky, but I warmed up to the gameplay as I started to get a hold of things. The interesting thing about the game is that you have to concentrate on moving two people at once. When something is thrown at the president, you can tap one guy to save him, but if you do it quick enough you can have two chances. However, if one guy misses, he falls down and is unusable so if more objects come you become vulnerable. While the gameplay seems simple on the surface, there is an added complexity and strategy to the design.
Super Secret Service is a perfect mobile game in that it is very pick up and play, and score oriented. It doesn’t feel made for microtransactions or anything like, but it feels just like a pure simple but funny idea that is enjoyable to play. While there might be some ads, I can’t really fault them because they need to make money off the game. Thankfully money in game currency isn’t heavily integrated within the game’s design with microtransactions shoved in your face.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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