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Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker
Tile Breaker

Review Tile Breaker

Tariq Abdulla
Quality sound, decent graphics, one-finger controls
A bit glitchy, monotonous game play
Tile Breaker for Android is a simple 2D martial arts game that challenges you break planks of wood and roof tiles by punching right through them. But don't worry! Your own knuckles are safe, all you have to do is tap your screen. That's more than can be said for the unfortunate character you play, whose duplicitous foes keep presenting him with spiky reinforced tiles, or planks with sharp nails sticking out of them. Punch any of these, and the screen is going to get splattered with his blood. Ouch.
While the game dynamic is simple, it's not easy. Tile Breaker tests your reaction speed, as you only have a few seconds to smash each tile. It's very easy to punch a spiky tile by accident, as they look so similar. It can get pretty frustrating.
The characters look a bit like Street Fighter, but a million times cuter. You can change your "hero" to the Android character, who fires lasers from his eyes at the tiles, rather than punching them. But the screen still gets splattered with blood when you hit a bad tile. Eventually you can unlock "pets", but it's not clear whether they will do anything interesting or not.
Apart from the characters, the levels are all exactly the same. You just have to successfully break more and more tiles in a row. They increase by 10 each time, and the top level is to break 1000 tiles. I really can't imagine anyone playing this timewaster for that long.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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