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Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash
Handy Dash

Review Handy Dash

Brandon Girod
Fast past gameplay
Controls can be unresponsive
Handy Dash for Android is a game all about testing your reflexes. The game revolves around your ability to navigate a non-amused block across a line. On the line are barriers that must be avoided. Sometimes you’ll jump over them, other times you’ll have to switch to the opposite side of the path.
You’ve got two buttons to press. The first one, switch, causes your block to switch from running above the path to running below it. Running below it means you’re running upside down, so it definitely changes the perspective a bit. The other is a simple jump button. I found the controls to be a bit inconsistent at times. There were a few times where I pressed one of the buttons and the game acted like it didn’t register the press.
The level design is always random, so the difficulty can also change from each play through. There are times where I’ll go through large stretches in the level not doing anything. Other times I’m jumping and switching immediately multiple times in a row.
As far as progression goes, all you’re doing is trying to beat your best score. There are no unlocks or power-ups to help you perform better in the game, it’s all up to your own skill.
I found Handy Dash to be a really fun game. In light of all the other endless runners, this one seems to have its own personality compared to the others. I just wish the controls were more responsive.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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