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Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom
Magic Wingdom

Review Magic Wingdom

Sergei Petrov
Magic Wingdom - is a new game from the studio PlayCreek, which miraculously combines arcade and puzzle genres. We'll roll the beautiful painted eggs, and combine them by color and collect various bonuses.
In addition to the main game component, developers have managed to stick to your game, even a small farm simulator, where a certain number of gold coins to buy a new animal, pasture and earn some significant bonus.


Geimpley the game is very simple, and to some extent similar to the air traffic controller simulator Air Control . Here is a small playing field on which all sides are beginning to roll colored eggs. Our goal is to keep the balls of the same color collide, and to bring them together by color.
If two balls of different colors collide, the game is immediately over. The objects themselves, which may soon face are highlighted in red. To clear the field, it is necessary to roll the egg on the same egg in color, then they disappear.
Control of the game is very simple. We simply draw a trajectory path (as in SPY mouse ), then the egg begins to roll on it. If you push the egg right away with two of his fellow color, then we will be given a random bonus, which is activated by pressing on it. Most often it is a bomb, which destroys all the eggs around and coins, destroy the color and much more.

Features Magic Wingdom for Android:

  • Unique geimpley;
  • 3 different cards;
  • Several levels of difficulty;
  • 6 versions of bonuses;
  • Mini-quests and achievements.
Playing primarily draws its game mechanics. Eggs are not just follow the path, and very believable roll, making a characteristic sound for this action. In addition, the game makes the brain is very active, as there should not just think through the path, but do it very quickly.
Summary. Magic Wingdom - it's very high quality and colorful game that, at least, surprising and even exciting. The only and main gripe with the game - it is a certain monotony, but how to download this arcade game is completely free, no one bothers to play it a few days and then removed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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