Mercurial Story Platform Game
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Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game
Mercurial Story Platform Game

Review Mercurial Story Platform Game

Kevin Vadala
Very unique, snappy movement
Might rub people the wrong way
Mercurial Story! for Android summed up in one word would be mercurial. That is, a rapid change or shift in emotions. Not only does the story of the game act in such a way, but the gameplay too, behaves with sudden shifts in perspective. In the game you control a little TV figure who collects pills and sometimes gets angry. This happens kind of like a water effect in other games, but instead of floating, you are turned upside down on certain parts of the levels. If you don’t plan for this type of gravity shift, you can get stuck and you have to restart the level.
Mercurial Story feels interesting a lot. When I first started the game I was charmed by the cutesy style of the pixelated graphics and the general snappy feel of the controls. Jumping works interesting with a good amount of complexity in the physics - which is important, considering that the majority of the gameplay in the game revolves on minute differences in height and width. Jumping feels bouncy - but you will discover, sometimes it doesn’t feel bouncy enough.
The story and atmosphere of Mercurial Story is very black humored. It doesn’t walk around the edge of the cake, instead it walks on the top - in short, its not afraid to behave recklessly and its not afraid of damaging things. Phrases that don’t always seem appropriate appear frequently, and the main characters attitude towards his girlfriend is plain abusive. His addiction towards pills and utter disregard for his father is also worrisome. But that's all part of the games charm - but if you are easily offended, you might want to stay away.
Mercurial Story! while not always a fun game, is an interesting one. Shifting perspectives and jumping then being pulled down into another subsection of the level feels can feel fun if not strange, and the physics almost feel like something out of a 2D portal game. Sometimes it can be frustrating to have to restart the level, but that’s the price of the creative game design.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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