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Puffin Web BrowserCloudMosa Inc.
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Release date: 05 Sep 2011 Updated: 17 Mar 2014 Version: 3.5.11577 Size: 17 Mb


Unbelievably fast browser
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Puffin - a very interesting and fast web browser based on its own revised engine, which allows you to load a page and execute javascript several times faster than the main competitors are doing in the face of Chrome and Firefox .
Usually all browsers for Android interface and differ only in the number of different chips boast technically can except that only FireFox. Developers also Puffin Web Browser went another way, and focused their attention on the performance and download speed, pushing the user interface and ease into the background.

The main features of Puffin Web Browser

Developers are five main "chip" of his creation, which no one competitor at the moment. We, of course, had more tests and rush to share the results.
Incredible speed download
The browser, like Opera Mini , uses cloud computing power for clamping deleted pages, after which content is delivered directly to the device. This approach can speed up the standard page up to 5 times, and the heavy site and do loads up to 20 times faster. Not to mention, our main page, Puffin loads to 4 times faster than a standard browser on the Samsung Galaxy S III.
Own engine javascript Engine
Puffin Web Browser developers are proud to say that their browser, according to benchmark SunSpider javascript, works 550% faster than the browser on the iPad 3, and 500% faster than Chrome on a tablet Nexus 7.
We have checked this claim and conducted tests browsers Chrome and Puffin Web Browser. Results you can see above. As you can see, Puffin and the truth is significantly (several times) faster than Google's browser.
Full support for complex sites
As we said above, Puffin copes with complex sites, and it even allows you to work with the full version of the service Google, for example, the mail Gmail. Other browsers are able to download only the mobile version.
Full support for Flash
Flash support is at a high level. The browser can not only play back movies, but launch flash-game, but it depends solely on the power of your smartphone.
Virtual mouse
One of the most interesting features in the Puffin Web Browser. By clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open a small touch panel, and you will see a real arrow. Moreover, the developers managed to implement a function very well, using this mouse very comfortable, and the clicked beautiful lights around.
That, perhaps, is all the advantages of Puffin Web Browser. A downside to it affect everything else, because in terms of user interface looks too simple and sloppy, especially against the Dolphin Browser.
Summary. Puffin Web Browser - this is one of the most technologically advanced and unique browsers for Android-devices. Browser distributed free of charge with one restriction. After 14 days, does lose support flash, and its extension will have to buy the full version (90 rubles), or to advertise the browser on his page on Facebook and get additional weeks. However, the flash on a mobile browser - something old and not really necessary, so that most users will not even notice the loss.


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Man ba tablet mitonam beram ama ba goshim na :( cherasho nemiidunamReply
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Dastetoon dard nakone vaghean ke kheili be dard mikhore in puffin vaghean lezat bordam dametoon gamReply
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I love you iran and puffin
:-D :-D :-D
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Nyc browserReply
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I like this cidesReply
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Just click on puffin lite 2.2.2. Apk android and enjoyReply
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Dosdaramesh i like itReply
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