Get Off My Lawn!
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Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!
Get Off My Lawn!

Review Get Off My Lawn!

Brandon Girod
Achieves a nice balance of pace
Has some stuttering issues
Get Off My Lawn! for Android is a surprisingly fun game that takes a lot of cues from Plants vs. Zombies. You’re a pretty fierce looking old man whose lawn has suddenly become a hot spot for alien armies to touch down and vacation at. Why? I have absolutely no idea, but it’s your job to get them off your lawn!
The game controls easy enough, and are pretty intuitive. You’ve got several rows that the aliens will warp down onto. You will tap a row to move grandpa and then tap again to make him shoot. There are different enemy types that respond to being shot differently. Some die in one hit, others are more like bullet sponges, and then some will move to different columns in order to be super annoying.
As you kill aliens you’ll seamless go into the next level, which I think is pretty cool. Once you hit a threshold and die then you can start from that level. So, it’s almost like an endless runner, but you can start from different check points, which is pretty useful.
Playing through the game gives you coins. You even get a multiplier if you don’t miss any shots or get hit by any of the aliens, which is nice because everything in this game is expensive and takes a while to grind out. Gaining coins allows you to buy newer weapons, better defenses, and power ups to help you get further into the game.
Overall, Get Off My Lawn! is a good way to spend a few minutes you have to spare. The pacing of the game ramps up gradually, so there were definitely parts I couldn’t get past, I knew it was only another wall where I needed to just grind out the next upgrade to get past. My biggest complaint is that there is a lot of stuttering when things get a bit hectic, and if you have a pop up notification then you’re probably going to die.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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