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Review TheEndApp

Sergei Petrov
The world is the end of the world, but we do not give up and run away from the desert burning city. That's what the new game geimpley TheEndApp, which has given us the studio Goroid. This is their first game for Android, but until then they have produced some good releases for iOS, therefore, as no doubt it was necessary.
As expected, the game was very high-quality and realistic 3D-graphics, full of special effects. Initially, we play the role of a former officer, who, hastily gathered their belongings, and wearing an American flag as a scarf, runs away from the city in an unknown direction. Usually in games genre "runner" (eg, Temple Run and Subway Surfers ) for the main character is always someone chasing, here entirely unclear how such excessive haste.


Control of the game pretty standard? and no different from other members of the genre. Slopes smartphone we control the position of the hero, and with the slides from side to side, up and down, we make a turn, jump or slide.
All in the game, there are three more levels, each of which? - It is a huge city with its own unique paths and obstacles. The same road is never the same twice, because all the levels are generated randomly. The free version is only one level, but it's enough to fully enjoy the game.

Features TheEndApp for Android:

  • Familiar and convenient operation;
  • A huge number of achievements and bonuses;
  • More than 100 mini-missions;
  • A huge number of achievements and bonuses;
  • Three big city (map) with its own characteristics;
  • Funny sounding title character.
The great thing about TheEndApp - this big vast space. Usually the runners we run close to the corridor. Here we have a big road, and there are always a few options on how to avoid some obstacle.
Also, the game can please just lots of variety of mini-quests that are designed to diversify geimpley and keep the player as long as possible. We have to admit that TheEndApp it goes very well. As for bonuses and collected the chips, you can buy various accessories and bleed skills of our hero.
Summary. TheEndApp - this is certainly one of the best representatives of modern runner, who has already won great popularity on the apple platform, so that the success of Android-version no doubt. Especially since the game is distributed free of charge (additional cards purchased within the application).

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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