South Park™: Pinball
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South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball
South Park™: Pinball

Review South Park™: Pinball

Kevin Vadala
Funny sounds
Horrible payment model, lackluster physics leads to bad gameplay
South Park: Pinball for Android is a pinball game with a definite South Park experience. In terms of being a South Park experience, it relies on quotes and clips taken from the TV shows that can be funny, but nothing in the game really seems handmade or created, unlike in the other South Park RPG game. In fact, I’m fairly certain the makers of South Park just gave the go ahead for Zen studios and they just made the games by themselves. Even the theme song’s rhythm seems slightly off and stilted.
It’s unfortunate that this game costs 3.99, as it contains some gimmicks present in free to play games. While there aren’t ads to pester you, there are microtransactions offered every time you do to keep your score going. It is kind of like a real pinball game, but now you have bought the pinball machine and you still need to pay for tokens. It also sucks because when you have to admit defeat, and then it asks you if you are sure. How dare they!
While the model of the game definitely seems a bit whack, the gameplay isn’t much better. The pinball physics in the game seem very unsatisfying as the ball barely ever really gets on a bouncing spree to rack up points. You mostly hit it up into the machine and it hits one thing then comes back down. Every once in awhile you’ll get a bigger combo but the machine never gets super excited and it mostly relies on audio cues which can be funny, but after awhile, just feel kind of annoying. Shut up Cartman! Hopefully the developers didn’t purposefully gimp the physic mechanics within the game, but sometimes I couldn’t help but feeling like I was losing on purpose - so that way, I could pay to try again.
South Park: Pinball doesn’t ever feel like a fair experience. The graphics in the game and sounds are okay, but they don’t contain the magic of Southpark - it just feels like they copy pasted audio sound effects into the game. Overall, the experience feels too difficult and watching your ball fly around the machine (if you manage to get it to actually go places) feels chaotic and hard to track, because the graphics aren’t as sharp as they could be.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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