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Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga
Ekiden Saga

Review Ekiden Saga

Vlad Popa
Completely free, decent game play
Repetitive, few levels at the time of the review
Ekiden Saga is a game for Android that places the user in the hearth of a Japanese transportation company that handles with great passion all the cargo they have assigned. A union between truck drivers and runners work together to deliver the goods to their destination unharmed.
Members from the transportation company work together and pass the cargo among between themselves, depending on the condition of the road. Some distances can only be traveled by foot; that’s when the ground runners come into play. Cargo is passed along to the ground runners, tough they might have super-powers if they are able to carry cargo that is usually transported by a truck.
The game plays mostly like a generic runner game. Players have to control their truck or runner and avoid collisions with obstacles along the way, all this while trying to collect coins; this is done via the onscreen arrows for left and right steering. While traveling the many roads of the picturesque regions of Japan you’ll encounter vehicles that want to spy on your cargo and you’ll need to dispose of them by steering them into the oncoming traffic or just by performing take-offs on them to preserve the confidentiality of your customers cargo, a button for speed boosting on the right of your screen might help you to reach your destination before you get overwhelmed by spying vehicles but should be used wisely.
Overall Ekiden Saga is a fun game that targets the casual player. At the moment it only features 10 levels with promises of more incoming soon.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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