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The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower
The Tower

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Kevin Vadala
Fun gameplay
Uncreative copy
The Tower for Android, is a block stacking game. In the game you create columns by perfectly timing the sequence of blocks from stacking. The architecture of the building is reminiscent of roman style buildings, or that of the white house. When you stack a building, you are awarded by pings and notifications like “Good!”.
In a lot of ways, The Tower doesn’t feel very special. I’m not sure who invented this type/genre of game, but I’ve seen it before and it plays exactly the same. Last time I was building a purple dinosaur, and now I’m building some type of roman tower. It almost just feels like the same game with a different skin, so similarly does it play.
The graphics in the game work well, as they have a simple cartoon feel that feels a little bit “materialesque” as the popular material design seems to be taking over everything. The controls work well too, and in in fact, there isn’t much about the game that doesn’t do what its suppose to. The ads in the game get annoying as they pop up once in awhile.
When you get consecutive stacks, it is fun, but theres no big excitement to it. When I played that dinosaur stacking game I mentioned earlier, every time you got some consecutive stacks the screen would turn into party mode which was pretty fun and chaotic. In some ways, this game actually feels easier just because its not as distracting.
The Tower is a block stacking game with simple controls and a simple idea that you probably have seen before. If not, you can download it and you’ll probably find it pretty fun and addicting. It can be frustrating, and it relies on your patience to wait for blocks to stack up instead of just tapping furiously.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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