Train Conductor 2: USA
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Train Conductor 2: USA
Train Conductor 2: USA
Train Conductor 2: USA
Train Conductor 2: USA
Train Conductor 2: USA
Train Conductor 2: USA

Review Train Conductor 2: USA

Sergei Petrov
Train Conductor 2 - is a colorful game that combines puzzle and arcade time. We will have to take on the role of the controller of the railway. We will distribute a train on several lines so that they do not face each other and stood waiting. The game has received a number of honorary awards at IGF and high marks from critics of the foreign game magazines.
Toy has a rather nice cartoon design, as well as many beautiful maps that depict the different states in the U.S.. The developers have done a few upgrades that add to the game seasonal levels (the New Year, Halloween, etc.).


The gameplay is very simple, but at the same time difficult. In the early stages, we have several train lines, which in different directions and randomly go train. Each train has its own number, which means the line on which the train should be directed. To redirect the composition, we push the train and carry your finger to the desired line, as if a new cross-cutting the road.
When the train too much, and at the same time not all the redirect, clicking once you can stop any train. However, in an idle state for a long time they could not leave because the map there are new compositions, so sooner or later, and the accident happened cork.
The game goes as long as we do not lose, that is, miss the train, gone in the wrong direction, or will face each other two compounds. Points are given for each train, gone in the right direction.
The game has a huge number of types of train, and they are randomly generated according to parameters such as speed, direction, and number of cars. Train Conductor 2 is very interesting, because you never know what to do in the next moment, and decisions have to be made very quickly.

Features Train Conductor 2 for Android:

  • 8 locations with unique set of trains and properties;
  • 2 game modes for each level;
  • Versatility games for smartphones and tablets;
  • Nice animations;
  • Unique soundtrack.
Summary. Train Conductor 2 - is very high-quality arcade puzzle game that can advise everyone, regardless of age and gaming preferences. Free version of the game you can download from our website, it is limited in the two locations. Complete the same version will cost you $ 2, or 63 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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