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Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes
Note+ Notes

Review Note+ Notes

Sergei Petrov
Note + Notes - this is an extremely simple and handy tool to create all sorts of text notes. A distinctive feature of the application - it is the "right" Minimalism and concentration only on the important basic functions of note-taking.
The main principle of the program - is to make writing notes a pleasant and fast process, and keeping them comfortable and safe in all aspects. Despite the fact that the application is made entirely in English, and to understand it is not difficult, and we will explain what's what.

Working with notes on Android

The main program window contains a large space with a list of available notes. Located on top of the panel with the search, as well as a button to create a new note / folder and delete the added notes. By the way, as a note, you can delete one by one, and by multivydeleniya.
Below are three quick sort by creation date, modification, and alphabetically. If you write a lot, you should create a folder on the themes and icons to select them.
The first thing we recommend to go to settings and enable auto-save, and then install the program with notes password. After these manipulations, you can no longer worry about the storage and privacy, you can enter anything there, except you read this one can not.
It's best not to add notes to the application, with a special widget for your desktop "Quick-note". There you can find widgets with output content notes and create shortcuts. While reading the notes, you can quickly change the font by clicking on the top menu on the icon shaped as letters "AA".
Another important feature of the program - is to create reminders. Go to your notes, you can create a reminder for her and set a specific time. At the appointed moment she discreetly displayed in the notification bar of your smartphone as you do not remove the hand. This feature is very handy for short-term information, which should be on hand (password, phone number).

Special features Note + Notes:

  • Protect your notes with pincode;
  • Create reminders;
  • Autosave notes;
  • Export / Imort notes on the SD-card;
  • Create folders and sub-folders within the application;
  • Easy sorting by date created, date modified, and the alphabet;
  • Minimalistic design and easy navigation;
  • Scrolling notes with gestures;
  • Support functional widgets for your desktop.
Disadvantages applications:
  • The inability to insert images into the text;
  • You can not add formatting.
Summary. Note + Notes - it is a very curious and interesting program for taking notes on the Android-device. Application is available in a single free version with integrated advertising banner under the Search menu. Unfortunately, it can not be removed, because the authors have not released the application Donat-specific version.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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