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UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends
UNO™ & Friends

Review UNO™ & Friends

Kevin Vadala
Fun Uno gameplay
Microtransactions are everywhere
Uno with Friends for Android is a game made after the popular cult classic game Uno! Uno is a really fun game, and thankfully the game incorporates the addicting and fun mechanics that make Uno, Uno. In the game you try to get rid of your cards by matching colors. Things get complicated depending on the cards that you draw and the abilities they have. Unfortunately, microtransactions are tacked onto this game like some sort of gaming crucifixion.
You start out the game by navigating through cluttered menus with shiney things dangling everywhere. You can tell a lot of attention went into the menus and layout of the game - but not the good sort of attention. The scammy, give me your money while I look attractive kind of attention.
Once you make it into your game, (you are shown the amount of points before a match you will earn - and you are also shown various boosts that can help you in the game) you can start having fun. Everything works pretty well when cards actually start being dealt and it feels very similar to playing Uno, but this time its with strangers. I played with a few people and one person had a huge ranking compared to me. Needless to say she won and I felt dominated.
Putting down cards works well as it mostly consists of dragging. Its not always clear what moves you are suppose to do when you don’t have cards, because the draw panel only glows slightly. I would of liked more indication. It is fun though because before you win, you can call Uno before, and in fact, you have to or you will draw cards as a punishment.
Uno With Friends is a great mobile iteration of the game, but its foundation is built on microtransactions and sappy style that just screams GIVE ME MONEY type of style. If you love Uno, you might be able to look past it.

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Gameplay 9/10
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Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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marcus.heidenreich721 Dec 2014, at 00:50HTC One M8
I can't find the newest update in the news on the game it has the companions and new avatars and a snow flake tournament I can't get to any of them
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