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Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes
Battle of Heroes

Review Battle of Heroes

Kevin Vadala
Great style and graphics
Lackluster boring game, time waster
Battle of Heroes for Android is yet another base building game with a different style. It contains the same core mechanics in countless other games now on the app store. It has social integration, PVP, and classic RTS action (Starcraft watch out!). Of course it’s great PVP - I think League of Legends has something to compete with finally.
You start off the game in a battle, and if there is one thing I can say about this game, it is that they spent a lot of money on art and design - simply said, the game looks awesome, in terms of how it looks, but not how it feels. Movements in the game often feel choppy and laggy, and I also noticed some frame rate issues when transitioning into different modes.
The design of your main character looks like if Zeus was put into World of Warcraft and made a scary Titan. He has cool spell animations, (his sword animations are a little weaker and boring) and he feels powerful. He can cast wide AOE spells and cleave archers in one hit. The rest of your little army characters feel pitiful in comparison, and they all act like standard armies in these types of base building games. You tap to spawn, yada yada.
When you aren’t fighting you are building your base and making bigger armies. There are a lot of buildings to create, and a lot of currency to speed anything from army creation to base building creation. When you aren’t playing, the game loves to remind you to come back and finish what you were waiting on (if you can’t afford to just give it your hard earned cash).
Battle of Heroes definitely has good looks and the mechanics in the game seem solid if not similar to EVERY other base building game out there. If you aren’t sick of building stuff or fighting in boring wars, check the game out because it looks fine!

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
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