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Wild Blood
Wild Blood
Wild Blood
Wild Blood
Wild Blood

Review Wild Blood

Sergei Petrov
The company Gameloft has finally released the Android-version of its new game, Wild Blood, which tells us about the adventures of Sir Lancelot and the war against the rebellious demons. Game for a month, she got on the apple platform, and received quite positive reviews, although not without its flaws.
The plot of the game is quite primitive and simple. You play as Lanstselota, Knights of the Round Table, and arrived in the kingdom in order to save the Queen Guinevere, and in between times to close the gates of hell. The game is entirely in Russian, so follow the events is not difficult.


In essence, Wild Blood - it's good welded slasher with elements of RPG. Here we have several types of weapons (melee and ranged), as well as all sorts of magic and superudary that we choose ourselves during leveling.
Most of all, we were afraid that the game will be easy, or if the process of killing is uninteresting. Well, our fears were confirmed as killed in the game are not only interesting, but also quite difficult. I have to constantly rotate arms and melee, and use all superudary.

Features Wild Blood for Android:

  • Gorgeous 3D-graphics;
  • Dynamic and exciting geimpley;
  • A large number of weapons (axes, swords, maces, bows);
  • Full-scale development of the character;
  • Interesting puzzles;
  • Large open levels.
The single player campaign in the worst case, we pass in 4 hours. This is quite a bit, considering the high cost of the game at 216 rubles. It is good that the game embedded multiplayer up to 8 players, where you can play 4 on 4 in the battle and capture the flag.
The game is entirely built on the engine, Unreal Engine, and this means that with stunning graphics and a lot of special effects, especially if you have a device on the Tegra 3. It is worth noting that the game has a rather poor optimization because lags and freezes happen even on the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III. And it's not a problem of weakness leader, but rather errors Gameloft, as similarly game slows down and Tegra, iOS devices.
  • The high cost;
  • Short and hackneyed plot;
  • Two network cards;
  • Poor optimization (podlagivaet game, regardless of your device);
  • For some reason in the paid game added vnutreigrovyh system purchases, apparently 216 rubles per game developers, was still not enough.
Summary. Wild Blood - is the first major full-slashers and Android, which raised the bar for mobile games by one point higher. We can say that to a good game Gameloft has not held a couple of points, and we hope that the next major release will hit not only good graphics, but interesting thrilling story. If you can live shortcomings described above, then definitely recommend buying.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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how can i download?
Dowload link -android.mob.org /wild blood
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