Robots Need Love Too
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Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too
Robots Need Love Too

Review Robots Need Love Too

Kevin Vadala
Fun ideas, great graphics
Too hard sometimes
Robots Need Love Too for Android is a standard game with a quirky style. The game focuses on interesting story telling dynamics spaced throughout puzzle-based gameplay. You move two robots on a path and have to lay out markers for them to make certain paths.
When I first started playing Robots Need Love Too I was impressed by the graphical style and storytelling. The cute dialogue that comes up once in awhile is funny and looks good too. The text is bright blue on black, and while the level design is mediocre, everything in the game looks very unique. The robots don’t just have stereotypical designs, but have designs based more on what robots might look like in the future if they were closer to what human beings are - sort of like star wars droids but cuter. In fact, the start of the game lends credence to that idea because the main character decides to do something not calculated and more “human”. The premise of two droids falling in love together at work is funny, but pretty short in terms of build up. They kind of just happen to fall in love with each other and things start happening - i.e, covert meet ups around the office.
The gameplay in Robots Need Love Too kind of takes a step back from the story. The gameplay is very technical and relies on directional pathing. The controls prove a little awkward, as you need to tap on very small arrows to put them on a path that the robot will cross to, to get to their destination. At first, its an easy process but the difficulty ramps up quickly and the puzzles become quite tricky. Luckily, there are some free hints available and hints for you to pay for, if you run out. Besides that, the game feels remarkably free and there aren’t any obtrusive ads that ruin gameplay.
Robots Need Love Too is a challenging game when it comes to its puzzle dynamics, and a cute funny game if looked at for its style and charming take on robots.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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