Amelia | Kids Story Book
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Amelia | Kids Story Book
Amelia | Kids Story Book
Amelia | Kids Story Book
Amelia | Kids Story Book
Amelia | Kids Story Book

Review Amelia | Kids Story Book

Tariq Abdulla
Quality soundtrack, decent animation, atmospheric graphics
A bit too linear
Amelia Kids Story Book for Android is a moderately dark interactive children's story app. It features a girl called Amelia, her four animal friends and an archetypal bad guy called Whine (that's a good name!)
When Whine steals the tortoises soul, it's up to the others to gear up and set off on their quest to try and get it back. The story is immersive, with animations of characters hands reaching in to turn the pages. There's quite a bit of interactive content like mini games, hidden stars. At one stage you dress the characters in the gear they need for their quest. But I feel like more could be developed from this. You use the torch to search for him, but apart from that other the items don't play a further role in the story. At one point you tap a glass pane with cracks forming until you break it.
Given the somewhat dark theme of Amelia, you should perhaps be weary of actually scaring your children with it. But if they can handle similar content like Corpse Bride without getting nightmares, they should be fine with this.
Overall, the storyline for Amelia is perhaps a little bit linear, so that it doesn't have a huge amount of replay-ability. But for keeping a kid entertained for a bit on a phone or tablet, it is worth the small price. Much cheaper than a physical book. The graphics are quite atmospheric, with cool parallax effects. The sounds and narration match it well. I prefer to see a bit more humor or clever twists in children's stories; but this app is a good way to introduce them to interactive content, and bring characters to life.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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