Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
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Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering
Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering

Review Juggernaut Revenge of Sovering

Sergei Petrov
Juggernaut - this is a new turn-based RPG game in the genre of the studio developers Mail.ru Games. Usually those games have to be treated with skepticism, as the shoot just isolated projects that can be counted on one hand. One of the obvious examples - Cut The Rope . But, fortunately, the game was pretty interesting, and most importantly - completely free of charge.
The game Juggernaut we pumped his character, participate in numerous battles and maintain order in the conquered territory. The only drawback, and also the main feature - the inability to move freely around the map and explore the world. In fact, the playing field consists of a huge map and individual locations, which are Staged fights.


At the very beginning of the game we have to determine the choice of one of six characters, which we will go into the game. All the characters are different from each other is not particularly strong, so you can not say that there is someone stronger or weaker.
Bouts on harvested meadow, we cut up one by one with a set of enemies and at the end of fighting the main boss. After every battle we gain experience, gold, and play a little roulette, choosing one treasure chest of five. After receiving level, we can pump the main characteristics of the character - the life, strength, courage and magic.
The process is based on the battle that we have to attack at a time when the monster sets his eyes on the other side. Also, during the battle the enemy can use magic, and to avoid or block we have to play a mini-game on memorizing passages or fast picking colored spots.

Juggernaut features for Android:

  • Full Russification interface and voice;
  • 6 types of characters;
  • 12 skills and 30 levels of development;
  • Large selection of varieties of armor;
  • An interesting combat mechanics;
  • Various mini-puzzle.
After we killed on the territory of all the monsters, we're finally able to see it from the top and look at her treasures. We will be moving the beetle skorobeya that comes on, approaching the treasure, and go out when they are far away (hot-cold). Once we find the trunk, we will again offer a mini-game on memorizing pairs of pictures.
Summary. Juggernaut - a great example of what even the Russian developers can make high-quality and expensive game. Of course, Mail.ru still far igrodelov to such matters as Gameloft and Glu, but some positive inclinations are already available. It is noteworthy that such a good RPG-shka for Android is distributed completely free of charge, with the influence of the "donation" to a minimum.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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