Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
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Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow
Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow

Review Soul Taker-Face of Fatal Blow

Kevin Vadala
Great graphics, a lot of features
Menu-based play
Soul Taker - Face of the Fatal Blow for Android is a RPG type game that mimics the popular form of menu based gameplay smashed with turn based combat and cinematics to replace any sense of world.
You start off the game by choosing your character and then you are ushered into a battle. The battles in this game work very strangely because you move forward kind of like a racing game then pause to fight enemies. The combat is pretty standard auto-attack fare with push-able buttons abilities. In terms of how the game looks, the game excels. Everything in the game looks sharp and crisp, from player models to weapons. The monsters didn’t always look as cool as I wanted, but some of the bosses do look really neat and fearsome. The spells and animations are also on point. Unfortunately, the graphics in this game are really the only thing that stands out and it might have been where the developers spent a majority of their time. The rest of the game feels so standard its a wonder how many of these mobile RPGS will proliferate the app store before people stop downloading and playing them - and spending money on them as well.
Games needs menus, that can’t be denied. But when you spend just as much time in menus rather than in a game, its a bad thing! This provides perfect means for microtransactions and countless upgrade mechanics that are just RNG and carrot-on-a-stick-based. Why isn’t there a world to explore instead of menus to explore? In that sense, if you like this type of game there really isn’t much about it that stands out besides its good graphics. They all promise the same things, PVP, loot, etc., etc.
Soul Taker has good presentation and OK mechanics, but nothing about the game feels fun or revolutionary. It stays within the menu and microtransaction model to a point, and no amount of monster graphic or cool animations will make it play otherwise.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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