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Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey
Stickman Ice Hockey

Review Stickman Ice Hockey

Kevin Vadala
Bland graphics
Controls feel off
Stickman Ice Hockey for Android is a game that delivers exactly what it sounds like. You control black Stickman playing Hockey.
The Hockey experience in Stickman is mediocre, but the bad things about the game stand out and get in the way. You start the game out and immediately are given the option to watch a video to get rid of ads. Who wants to watch a video of an advertisement before they play a Stickman Hockey game? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone just deleted the app right there.
If you are brave enough to find the quick game option, you start the game and you can pick the colors for your team. Then the game starts with your two opposing teams in the middle. The first pass starts off, and throughout my entire time playing it I couldn’t ever manage to get it from the beginning start of the session. The other team always started off with the puck and had an advantage.
The rest of the gameplay is pretty standard and relies mostly on the controls. You can control your stickman with a joystick which feels a little slippery, and then you have to switch players to get the one you want when you are on defense. I kind of wish the game did it more smartly like in other games so it would automatically give me control of the player I needed to defend with. But here, you have to cycle through a few players to get the one you want to defend with.
Shooting goals isn’t too hard but mostly relies on you not passing to any of your teammates because more often than not, the computer will steal your pass. So the only real option is just to keep the puck and dribble it to the goal and try to stick it in around the goalie from an angle.
StickMan Ice Hockey might appeal to people who love Hockey but the gameplay experience is just too standard without any control innovations or good character design to warrant anyone else to try it out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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