World of Gibbets
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World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets
World of Gibbets

Review World of Gibbets

Vlad Popa
Diverse game modes, amusing game play
Becomes repetitive and boring
World of Gibbets is a somewhat morbid game that gives players the opportunity to compare themselves with the famous Robin Hood and save unjustly hung souls with a well-placed arrow to sever the rope before time runs out on them.
The game is not the most innovative; yet it has a certain charm. There is something entertaining about the game’s simplicity that makes it fairly addictive. The game plays fairly simple. Simple finger swipes draw the bow and removing the finger will launch the arrow. A short preview of the arrows trajectory will help players aim. Points are earned based on the amount of health the hanging people have remaining. To keep everything interesting players can use gimmick shots through orbs that change the direction of your arrow, as well as extra bonus arrows orbs, teleports and more. Additional game modes are provided to keep the user engaged. These range from protecting bales of hay from sheep invaders to vulture hunting.
The graphics are decent and place users in an active environment with amusing little touches here and there; such as the way you can take a shot at the moon or the different animals inhabiting the level followed by a humorous response.
World of Gibbets for Android is a well-constructed game with decent physics. It allows players to pull off some crazy shots and chain reactions and still manages to bring a challenge to the table without straying on the path of frustratingly difficult.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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