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Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing
Monkey Racing

Review Monkey Racing

Kevin Vadala
Great customized cars and monkeys, good graphics and level aesthetic variety
Controls are too generous
Monkey Racing for Android is a kart driving game where drive monkeys around in little carts. You are one of these monkeys and you occasionally get armed with deadly power ups on the ground. This game is basically like Mario Kart, but with monkeys. When downloading this game, you need to ask yourself how much you like monkeys, because this is definitely a monkey game with a lot of monkeying around. Do you think I am kidding?!
Jokes aside, Monkey Racing is a pretty solid monkey racing game. I was surprised with how many options were available (for free - even though the game does have a upfront purchase) for my monkey’s hat selection, car color selection, and just different car decals like exhaust pipes and the like. You have super sayian monkey hair (which is actually fitting if you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z), shades, a fireman helmet, and a variety of other different silly things to put on your monkey to make him look ridiculous while he is driving around in an already horribly disproportionate car (kart?).
When you get on the tracks, it’s business time! Thankfully, there are a lot of tracks and the graphics in the game look great - especially all of the different customized monkeys you race against. The variety in the tracks are good too, as just the first few all look very different from each other - on the outside, on the inside tracks they play pretty similar which is somewhat unfortunate.
Driving in the game is probably its weakest point. It feels very easy but in a strange way, because the game has very generous automatic driving controls. Sometimes you really only give your wheel a nudge and then the car is already going the right way on the track. The result is a game that feels very casual, and the fun part comes in with power ups that have explosive results.
Monkey Racing is a pretty standard racing game in classic Mario Kart style. I wouldn’t say it innovates in any particular ways, but it has good graphics, funny power ups, and a lot of customization.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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