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Review Incrediblock

Kevin Vadala
Great style, polished gameplay
Incrediblock for Android is a game that incorporates Arkanoid-like elements into an experience that feels both modern, slick, and just a little bit tricky.
Incrediblock’s style makes it stand out. Everything about the app feels very quick and it takes after design elements that are becoming popular with the push for material design. There are bold bright colors contrasted by light colors that are both simple and sharp. Unfortunately, there are some ads on the bottom of the screen that make the app lose some “design points”. But even switching from level to level shows you a cool preview. When you destroy blocks they all fall apart into smaller pieces that when broken against your main slider, give you small little coins. These coins give you a better score, which doesn’t really matter too much.
So there are some differences in the game. The level design is great and influences the way the game plays. When you hit blocks they fall down and you can collect them for coins, but you also collect little army-man-like guys with parachutes that shoot bullets at the blocks. These work as your power ups. I liked how there was plenty of variety within the levels from plain rows to complex shapes.
One thing that did bug me about the game was that the tutorial feature kept trying to teach me how to play when I had already learned. Besides that, the controls in the game are just as fluid and slick as the graphical design and style.
Incrediblock doesn’t truly innovate within the Arkanoid style of game, but it does feel fresh and new partly due to it’s graphics and its polished gameplay. The animations in the game look great and shattering blocks and collecting coins is fun!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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