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Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster
Tiny Monster

Review Tiny Monster

Sergei Blyudov
Tiny Monster - a new simulator of colorful mini-zoo for the amazing little monsters that live at high celestial mountain. The game is a systematic and coherent strategy that can be played for a long time, periodic sessions.
In this game, we will develop a small farm, build cages and settled there funny fantastic monsters. At first, the choice of monsters will be small, but he later expanded. This is not a social game, it does not require binding Online. On the one hand it is good, but then you also will not be able to see the play and develop the other players. In terms of ideas and main ideas, Tiny Monster as two peas similar to game Monster Park , a significant and radical difference only in the chart.


In the beginning we were quite promptly informed of the features of the game, as well as buy the egg with the first fire monsters and build an enclosure for it. Each monster brings a certain amount of money at varying intervals. Feeding and playing with pets, we are increasing their level and, therefore, increase their incomes.
The game also has a convenient system with quests to be followed, as the awards are given out as rare crystals that you can get, just doing the job, or buying them for real money.
After some time, the number of available monsters expanding, and the monsters do not only grow, but also to evolve, that is, change their appearance and properties. Also, if you live in one cage two different monsters, the result can get the most unusual mix as a small hybrid.

Features Tiny Monster for Android:

  • Geimpley measured and methodical;
  • Beautiful graphics and drawing monsters;
  • More than 30 varieties of unique monsters;
  • Each monster can evolve up to three times;
  • Cross-breeding of monsters and the development of new species.
Tip! Do not waste early in the game crystals, as required in training. The original building to wait a little longer (up to 5 minutes), and then saved the crystals you then be able to buy expensive monsters.
Summary. Tiny Monster - it's very nice externally and internally game that can keep you busy for hours, days and weeks. The only drawback - it's greed game in terms of crystals and forced vnutreigrovym shopping, but you can do without them if you wait patiently for each action (counter works and closed the game) and save the crystals, measured when shopping.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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