Jaws Revenge
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Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge
Jaws Revenge

Review Jaws Revenge

Jay Feldman
Exciting plotline, really addictive
Lags a bit, aggressive ad system
Jaws Revenge for Android brings this iconic movie to life. Play as the great white shark and chomp everything that bleeds, cuz you're a hungry shark and that's what sharks do.
Jaws Revenge appears to be a fully licensed game based on the classic movie masterpiece, Jaws. You're the famous great white shark, and naturally, you're hungry. Swim the waters in this side scrolling game and snack on fish, seals, snorkelers and swimmers until the waters turn red with blood. You can even leap out of the water to take out low flying planes and hang gliders in a vicious flurry of blood and carnage.
The controls are great; just tap repeatedly to swim, hold to dive, and release to jump out of the water; while airborne, tap the screen again to lurch forward and take a real good chomp out of whatever looks tasty. The graphics are quite good; nothing overly gruesome, but pretty unnerving when you see a pair of swimmer's legs kicking with no torso attached. As the game progresses, it adds new challenges to keep things interesting. Going on a rampage is fun because everything gets fast and intense.
The sounds are effectively blood curdling and the animation is good, with just enough detail to get your heart thumping. Bodies pop in a burst of blood when chomped and taking a bite out of speedboats is fun because they explode in a satisfying burst of flames.
Jaws Revenge is surprisingly addictive. I seriously doubt anyone will play this at the beach and then go swimming - NOT!

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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