Bumper Tank Battle
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Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle
Bumper Tank Battle

Review Bumper Tank Battle

Ollie Green
Completely free, global record chart, one-finger controls
Too easy
Tanks are pretty scary things, but Bumper Tank Battle for Android has somehow managed to make tanks seem fun and friendly. In this game, you will be given control of a small 3D cartoon tank as you set out on a quest to destroy all of the other enemy tanks. It sounds like a pretty common concept, but the methods used to destroy enemy tanks in this game set it apart from all the other tank games currently on the market.
Instead of destroying enemy tanks with cannons and machine guns, you must bump into them as if it were a game of bumper cars. It's this interesting approach on gameplay, mixed with the hard-to-master controls that make this game rather unique.
The controls for this game are simple to understand - whilst your fingers are off of the screen, your tank will turn a large counter-clockwise circle. Holding down on the right side of the screen will steer your tank right, and holding down on the left side will steer your tank left. Whilst the controls can be picked up easily, it takes skill to master.
When attempting to bump other tanks, you need to ensure that you hit them from behind, otherwise they have a chance at destroying you. There are certain mechanical rules that you should pay attention to when playing. For example, if you hit another tank head on, you will be destroyed, if you hit the side of a tank, or a tank hits your side, no tank will be destroyed. If you hit a tank from behind, that tank will be destroyed, but enemy tanks can also destroy you by hitting you from behind.
On top of the interesting gameplay, Bumper Tank Battle has a set of awesome retro sound effects, and whilst there is no music, the game doesn't feel any less involving without it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 6/10
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