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Review Zyden

Brandon Girod
Over 100 unique wallpapers
Serious performance issues and constant crashes
Zyden - Wallpaper App for Android is simply a collection of wallpapers. They don’t share any of the same design language, and are separated into different categories like blur, Android L, nature, etc. Basically the same categories that you’d assume would be there.
The first thing I need to get out of the way is the abhorrent stability of the app. Literally every single time I tried to set a wallpaper, the app would crash instead. Or it would take minutes - literally minutes - to actually load the thumbnails of the different wallpapers. To expound this, a lot of the wallpapers they offer are only available behind the premium pay wall they have set up. The performance issues of the app alone are enough for me to not recommend this app to anyone. Just think about that… performance issues in an app that only exists to pull images from a cloud so you can save it as a wallpaper.
Contrary to the app performance, some of the wallpapers that were designed for the app are pretty decent. Blur was one of my favorite categories they offer and there are over a hundred different wallpapers to look through and choose from. Unfortunately, even in this area I think there are other apps that offer a better selection of wallpapers for you to choose from.
The performance of Zyden - Wallpaper App is unforgivable. If it was a labor-intensive game, I could understand the slow response times in the menus. For an app that only exists to render pictures, it’s unforgivable. Hopefully they can optimize the code soon because the app isn’t too bad with that out of mind.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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