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Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher
Sloth Launcher

Review Sloth Launcher

Brandon Girod
Streamlined tasking process, simple design, tasker integration
Most features blocked behind pay wall, limited tasks due to design
Sloth Launcher for Android is a launcher that basically speaks to your phone in Boolean. If you’re not familiar with Boolean then I can assure you it’s not something I just made up. In a basic sense Boolean logic is based on whether something is true or false by asking a series of if-then questions.
This app takes Boolean launches apps with it based on parameters you set up. Let’s run through an example. When you create a task the first thing you’ll do is set up a trigger. In this case the trigger will be plugging headphones in. Once you select the trigger you’ll then select what kind of action you want your phone to perform when it triggers. In our case we’ll ask it to launch Google Music, since we’re obviously going to be separating ourselves from the world with some sweet tunes when we plug in headphones.
Now, this idea sounds really great, and it is. However, this is a free app that locks the majority of the most useful feature behind a pay wall. To put it into perspective, you get three triggers for free, and can buy 6 additional triggers, which means the free version is nothing more than a glorified free trial. So, if you’re not looking to drop a little bit of cash on automating tasks then it’s perfect.
Sloth Launcher is an automation app that takes care of the mundane things you might normally do. For instance, if you want to turn off Bluetooth when you’re connected to your home’s wi-fi then you can program it to do that. The app streamlines the if-then process, but that also limits what you can do when you compare it to apps like Tasker. Fortunately, the developers thought ahead and included Tasker integration into the app.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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