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Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers

Review Blood Brothers

Jay Feldman
Decent sound, decent graphics
Crashes, glitches, is lagging, kills your battery, challenging controls, inconvenient to play on a small screen, monotonous game play, not interesting to play without paying money
Blood Brothers for Android is a basic storybook style RPG. It plays like a board game but there’s really not much of anything going on here. I think this would be more suitable for kids than true gamers.
Blood Brothers is a fantasy quest style game. Choose your hero from an array of characters with varying strength and abilities, then set off on a quest to do battle against some interesting and venomous enemies. The fantasy element is excellent, and I appreciate the reliance on imagination and intrigue. Unfortunately, this is one of these games that keeps you at a distance, watching from the sidelines as everything unfolds all on its own. The battles require nothing from you but to watch; sometimes it’s literally one hit and it’s over. There’s really not much intrigue here. Literally, all you need do is tap the arrow on the screen to advance your game piece and scroll through the story line, as presented to you in written dialogue.
This app uses Mobage to earn you points and the developers money. Sadly, Mobage is highly glitchy and bogs down everything. I had to repeatedly request my user name and password, and even when entered correctly, the app refused to log me in. Ultimately, I just had to create a whole new account just to get into the app.
The graphics are mediocre and the animation is virtually nonexistent; basically, it’s just still images with some minor stop motion type movement to simulate action. It’s all very rudimentary and uninspired. The real function of this game is to act as a piggy bank for the developers; clink-clink go the coins in exchange for upgrades that offer little more than expanded monotony.
Blood Brothers is far too underwhelming to recommend. The app loads very slowly and has constant reoccurring hangs every time it's opened. It’s a decent kids game, but parents will hate the constant badgering for costly upgrades that offer little in return to keep your kids occupied. This one is a disappointment.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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Dylan Buchanan
can make blood brothers avaliable in the kindle fire market because i am a having a hard time the actual app please fix
Can I play blood bros on a kindle fire?
Alexander Vorobyev
What's exactly the model of your device?
I have the same problem with my samsung gt i9000. Ive played it before and have several lvl 99 minions, and now I cant play it????
hi there..if i download the blood can i update them..icant play it..its says need to update..but my device not compatible on google play..please help
jeffgreg6@gmail.com10 Feb 2013, at 05:54
How do I get the bloodbrothers rpg game on my archos arnova 10b g3 keeps coming up with the device is uncompatible but here it says I can get it on achos tablet Please help someone??
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