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WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar
WAVE Calendar

Review WAVE Calendar

Kevin Vadala
Strong features, good interface
Just another calendar app
Wave Calendar for Android is a powerful calendar app with good core features and a good-looking material design. You have your main calendar that looks pretty standard, and a plus button that lets you make events. From there you can add a title, location, notification alerts, and notes. These notes show up and darken a square on the calendar and also show up on the bottom of the screen with a little more information which is handy.
Beside the main tab and its information, you also have a task part of the app. This part of the app is very similar to Google Keep without the tile interface. You have tasks you can set and then checklist to send them to the done category.
There are a few other options in the app settings as well. You can choose what calendar to use if you have different accounts, which might be useful for users that use different accounts for different things. You can buy calendars in the calendar store include relevant information whether it concerns religious occasions, moon phases, or sports dates. Most of the calendars are reasonably priced, and you even get the weather calendar with weather information for free if you sign up for a Wave Calendar account. You can also use the event planner, but this is another different app that is connected to Wave Calendar.
Wave Calendar has a good looking calendar and many different calendars with detailed information to set up. If you have specific calendar needs, this app could satisfy your niche or satisfy those looking for a built in task manager.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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