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Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator
Surgeon Simulator

Review Surgeon Simulator

Vlad Popa
Modern graphics, every level brings something new, unusual game play, two-finger controls
Challenging controls, inconvenient to play on a small screen, high price
At some point or another everyone has fantasized about becoming a doctor and having a patient’s life and wellbeing depend on them. Surgeon Simulator offers users this opportunity through an awesome 3D simulator game that does a great job at recreating the experience of being a doctor and having to operate on a patient on the Android platform. A word of warning about this game: it is filled with graphic images and extremely often players end up performing gruesome acts upon their patients.
As a doctor, players have access to a wide array of medical tools and even a few mundane objects that they can use to perform each surgery. After an initial tutorial that offers only the most basic information about how surgery works players are asked to sign their fake medical degree and are let loose on some of the most unlucky patients possible. Due to the simple tutorial and the difficulty of the medical procedures players are hugely unprepared to operate. Add to this the fact that the only information that the players are offered is perform X operation and you obtain a doctor that has to go through a trial and error process in order to successfully perform each operation.
The game offers a wide array of “levels” in the form of different medical procedures that must be performed. Each of these can be done as many times as desired in order to increase skill and dexterity with the medical tools and game’s controls.
Overall Surgeon Simulator for Android is a truly amazing game. As expected for the rather high price of the game, it delivers a solid experience and ends up being hugely amusing especially when things don’t exactly go as planned.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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