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Rolling Head
Rolling Head
Rolling Head
Rolling Head
Rolling Head
Rolling Head
Rolling Head

Review Rolling Head

Sergei Petrov
Rolling Head - this is a fun new arcade game in 3D, developed by physics engine Unity. We will control the zombies head, which was a completely random way on the farm, and looking for the way to her, would not believe the body.
Background to the game rather banal, and explained in several comic slides. The village boys, armed with a bat, kicked the brains of the walking dead. One of the goals came off very well, broke the roof of the shed, and found herself on the farm.


Control head by using the accelerometer on your smartphone or tablet. Before the game we recommend to go into the settings and calibrate the sensor, especially if you feel in managing diversity.
During the game we constantly decreasing health because of the endless bleeding from the neck, so to replenish health must find and eat the brains. On your way will encounter mud puddles, braking speed, and the cows, emit, oddly enough, a poisonous scent for you, but the main enemy in the game - is a farmer.
Farmers tend to walk on the specified routes and have a limited field of view. But our task - to slip past them and go unnoticed, and in any case not to stumble on the fork.
When the health of the white stripe above, we can use the super special skill you can bring down the farmer or punch barrage. The ability to use the mind to be, as in the following case of health may already be enough. In order to use the super punch to make a gesture on the screen of the head in the direction of acceleration.
The game has a pretty high-quality graphics, realistic especially the artists went head which changes its appearance depending on the level of health.
At this point, the game features 20 levels, the passage of each of which takes about 5-10 minutes. Toward the middle of the game starts to resemble more geimpley puzzle with elements of stealth in the spirit of SPY Mouse .
Summary. Rolling Head - it is absolutely crazy 3D-arcade with puzzle elements that definitely will please fans of the zombie theme. Distributed game completely free with an integrated banner ads. You can download it from our website or Google Play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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