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Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem
Might & Mayhem

Review Might & Mayhem

Kevin Vadala
Great fighting system, good graphics
Free to play limitations
Might & Mayhem for Android is a free to play fighting game that incorporates loot dynamics in a turn based fighting game. In the game you move around the map battling various enemies. From the main menu you can look at your castle, but it doesn’t include popular base building elements that a lot of games do.
Might & Mayhem is first and foremost a turn based fighting game that has you moving from battle to battle. There isn’t really a story, which is disappointing. In a game like Final Fantasy, you move around the world looking at things, talking to people, and you get cut scenes. Might & Mayhem has none of those things but it replaces all of these things with micro transactions, RNG loot mechanics, and incentives to spend money on in game currency.
While Might & Mayhem puts no effort into creating a real deep and engaging gaming experience, it does create a pretty standard mobile experience. The fighting in the game is really fun and works extremely well. Controls are simple and most consist of tapping on enemies to select them, and tapping on a few different buttons to start your spells. Your champions have various abilities to use that are all pretty unique and fun. A lot of this game is also about how your team interacts with each other and how the abilities complement each other. In the beginning of the game you chose your team in three stages with two choices at each stage.
Some of the character and fighting design in this game is really good. One of my heroes had a shield that broke apart on both arm, and then he would clasp it together and shoot a beam out of it as his special attack. Another one of my heroes had cool and bright green healing jets shoot out onto my team any time I needed a heal. Spell effects are also suburb.
Might & Mayhem has a great fighting system but its held back by the developer’s focus on it’s free to play model.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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