Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
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Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances
Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances

Review Galaxy on Fire™ - Alliances

Kevin Vadala
Wide amount of strategy, great graphics
Waiting mechanics
Galaxy on Fire - Alliances for Android is a strategic game in space that takes base building elements and makes them so complicated its almost another game entirely.
You start off on a planet and build three structures. Building in this game works how it does in all base builders. You can wait for spend currency to speed things up. There are different buildings like headquarters, gas extractor, shipyard and more. In the shipyard you can build ships. Once you have your buildings you can begin harvesting resources like metal, gas, and crystal. Once you have these resources you can research technologies and build military units. You can expand to other planets which all have different resource specialties and yields. You can view these resource stats by looking at the lists of stats in the menu tab.
Alliances looks really sleek. The game favors dark colors contrasted by futuristic neon flashes that give it a good style. Building bases also has cool effects when finished which is often simply ignored in other base building games.
While Alliances is a base building game with some of the same dynamics as you might see in other games, it tries to be a lot about strategy as well because you can conquer other planets and spread out. You can create barracks at other planets and create armies to defend your planets. This is where having friends or people with you comes in handy because you can slowly (perhaps not realistically) take over the universe and have your friends protect your bases.
Galaxy on Fire Alliances sounds like a cool game in theory, but a lot of the games just flew over my head. I hate how it uses similar time wasting mechanics within the gameplay as I’ve seen in other Clash of Clans games. Everything is also menu based which is also distracting. I think if the developers have foregone the wait to play mechanics, the strategy in the game would have pulled me in much more effectively.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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