Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
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Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free
Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free

Review Crazy Farm Racing 3D Free

Vlad Popa
Amusing gameplay, simple controls
Unchallenging AI, too many ads
Crazy Farm Racing 3D is a racing game that takes place far from the normal racing circuits that we’re familiar with and the fast cars that come with them. In their stead we are taken to a farm where, after a long day of harvesting the farmers decide to have some fun and race their tractors resulting in pure madness.
The Main Menu presents us with three gameplay options that are sure to result in sheer madness. The Harvest option prepares you for future races by repairing the damage done to your tractor and presenting a more open world type of gameplay. The career option is a basic racing game where you strive to become a faster and better driver by unlocking new tractors with different advantages, new tracks and racing modes. The other option is the Quick Race, where you can ride randomly selected tractors that vary each time a new race is initiated. During the downtime between races the player has the option to customize tractors by changing their color and adding some funny accessories, when unlocked.
As far as the controls go, the tractors are controlled via the onscreen buttons. The left and right buttons control the steering, while the forward and back buttons handle the acceleration and breaking respectively. When available, the power-up button gives players a much needed advantage. The controls give you the feeling that you are actually in a tractor by reducing the jerky moves and high accelerations that you see in other racing games, but don’t let that deter you from playing, between shooting pig rockets, planting barrel mines and randomly striking one of your opponents with a lightning power-up the game will guarantee several hours of fun.
Overall Crazy Farm Racing 3D for Android is a fun and amusing game that brings decent physics and complete madness to the table; however the absence of multiplayer gameplay is a bit of a letdown as the AI does not put up much of a challenge.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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