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Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight
Coward Knight

Review Coward Knight

Brandon Girod
Good visuals
Too many ads, unoptimized controls, no tutorial
Coward Knight for Android is a frustrating game in more ways than just one. There isn't much of a set up, or even a premise to the game. You're sneaking around, collecting coins, while trying to maneuver your way to the exit. That's it.
When I played through the first level I didn't know what to expect, and I'll admit... I died a few times before it struck me. There is pretty much no tutorial, and the objectives aren't spelled out either. There are essentially 3 goals to hit: collect all three coins in the level, don't be spotted, and kill everyone.
Oh, and there is no "advancing" to the next stage either. At least, not in the traditional sense. The first five levels are unlocked for you, but after that you're limited to spending in-game currency to unlock the rest. That's right. That means you've got to grind through the same levels multiple times before you can unlock more levels to grind.
Have I mentioned level design? That's because there basically isn't any. There are walls, and guards have paths that they patrol. Unfortunately for you, there is no way to predict where they are going to patrol, so it's all trial and error. You can't peak around corners or fly off with the camera, and most of the time if they guard passes by on screen, he's already spotted you. Running away is virtually impossible because the guard runs at the same speed as you do, but the controls are wonky.
Where you place your thumb to walk creates a d-pad, and the threshold between sprinting and sneaking is so small you'll find yourself sneaking when you think you should be running or vice-versa.
Coward Knight feels like a game that I should be looking at on a kickstarter page, not on the Play Store. There is no tutorial, so you have to figure everything out yourself. And the controls aren't optimized very well. Overall, the grindy experience can be both frustrating and too easy at the same time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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