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Smash Champs
Smash Champs
Smash Champs
Smash Champs
Smash Champs
Smash Champs
Smash Champs

Review Smash Champs

Kevin Vadala
Great graphics, fun charm
No significant shortcomings
Smach Champs for Android is an interesting “fighting” game with colorful style and flair. In the game you train your champion by swiping at green bubbles and then once trained you watch your champion fight like in Street Fighter. Yes you heard me, you simply watch them fight.
Now if you love Fruit Ninja, Smach champs might appeal to you. In some ways, Smach Champs plays like a re-skinned version of Fruit Ninja with a few added elements that don’t provide complexity or much gameplay variation, but things to spend money on through microtransactions. For example, you can equip your champions in funny clothes and the idea of training your champion to watch them fight is a cool idea in a way.
Its just really too bad that fighting in this game is automated, because it would have been a cool combination inside the game. There hasn’t really been a game where you can train before a fight, but this game solely focuses on the Fruit Ninja slashing part. Sadly, this part of the game doesn’t feel as polished or as visceral as Fruit Ninja does. The green globes don’t explode as violently with cool effects, and the overall difficulty feels a little off. The same sort of panic that made Fruit Ninja so intense is gone.
Smach Champs strongest elements are its graphics and art style. The beginning cut-scene is very funny and looks almost like it could have been some part of Kung-Fu Panda. The art design with the characters is pretty good and watching characters fight can be entertaining for a little bit. But with lackluster gameplay elements, this game doesn’t contain enough depth and entertainment. It can’t truly succeed and grow on you enough to make use of its funny energy.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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