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Metal Skies
Metal Skies
Metal Skies
Metal Skies
Metal Skies
Metal Skies

Review Metal Skies

Tariq Abdulla
Atmospheric graphics, responsive controls, ads are not confusing
Too many menus
Metal Skies for Android is an airplane dogfighting game with atmospheric graphics and tilt control. You fight one opponent in each level. Movement is restricted so that you only need to adjust your line of sight a bit to keep your enemy within your line of fire.
They fire back at you, and occasionally fire a missile at you. You try to avoid by pressing an "evasive action" button. Your missile weapons load gradually, and you can fire them when they are ready. You also get to control the path of the missile with tilt control, which is a fun part of the game. It's very satisfying slamming a direct hit into your adversary, and watching them explode in the sky.
The characters are pretty obviously based on allied forces vs. Nazis, but the plot uses fictional countries and battles. I'm not sure why; maybe so they don't have to worry about historical accuracy.
The gameplay is fun, but I feel like Metal Skies suffocates itself with its own elaborate menu system. There are endless tabs and tweaks and options, and I just feel like it takes way too long to get into a game.
You can play in campaign mode, where you complete each level 5 times to keep advancing. There's also an endless mode. Here you are randomly assigned to one of the sides, and score points for your team by getting as long a winning streak as you can.
Metal Skies can get a little monotonous in gameplay terms, but the picturesque backgrounds and variety of planes keep it interesting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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