Trolls vs Vikings
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Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings
Trolls vs Vikings

Review Trolls vs Vikings

Kevin Vadala
Good graphics, polished gameplay
Copied Plants Vs Zombies
Trolls vs Vikings is a tower defense game that place out in a series of rows. The game feels and looks like Plants vs Zombies 2. The graphic style looks exactly the same. The gameplay is copied and then my card transactions in the game and the general model mirror that of Plants Vs Zombie 2. Be that the case, it doesn't really mean that Trolls vs Vikings is a bad game on its own standpoint. In fact, I thought the graphic style of the game and the general gameplay of the game was fluid and polished.
The game starts you out easy, and you only have one tower which is a slingshot troll. The story is that trolls are fighting Vikings, and every new troll is a new troll that has a different role. You have slingshot trolls that shoot from ranged positions with rocks, you have miners that mine to give you the resources to buy other units, and then you also have a thickly built trolls which sit in front of others. As the game progresses you unlock more of these creatures to help you wage battles against the Vikings.
Controls in the game work well and mainly consist of tapping various spots on the small map to signal aliens to that square. Once that happens, your unit starts automatically attacking enemy units that come to destroy the troll houses.
In terms of the overall style, controls, a dynamics of the game I don't have any complaints. The only thing that I could find fault with the game or that it copies Plants vs Zombies 2 and I'm not quite sure it contains the excellence that came to originally in that game, in terms of the end game and it's free to play model. These types of things are very hard to balance and I've heard reports from other users that this game gets too hard later on and I assume that this is because they wanted to use micro-transactions to make the game playable. This is a common tactic used in a free to play games and one that I'm not surprised to find in this game.
Trolls vs Vikings should be very familiar with you if you've played Plants vs Zombies - which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about that game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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