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Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might
Divine Might

Review Divine Might

Kevin Vadala
Multiplayer component lets you see people
Combat sucks, feels false advertised
Divine Might is a turn based game that has a multiplayer component to it. After being on the App Store for a while, and trying so many games, I think I'm quite familiar to what type of game this game promises to be, and how it actually plays out. What you might imagine is a 3d MMORPG game with great turn based combat, PvP battles, possibly even raiding, and fluid movement. What you have in this game, is none of those things. The result is a cheaply styled game with decent looking graphics that has abundant micro-transactions everywhere you look.
First off I want to make clear that while this game states it is 3d, it doesn't really feel 3D. In terms of technical aspects, I guess some of the graphics might feel 3D in some ways but only because sometimes the levels you walk across or the town has a perspective that might make you think it is dynamic. For example, there are rainbows to the side of the character and some depth to the graphics. But if you think that this game may feel like World of Warcraft, or even the World of Warcraft clone, Order and Chaos from Gameloft, you are very mistaken. This game might as well be Mario. It reminds me of the Mafia games that were so popular that claimed to have so much cool battles but it was just all text based gameplay.
The combat in this game is automated, which is a shame. What is left in this game for you to enjoy if the combat is not fun? Well, there are quests with cheesy dialogue and horribly peppy voice overs. And there are yellow text billboards that scroll across your screen advertising things, and there are people standing everywhere walking around and doing their own things. If that sounds like something you're into you might like this game. Unfortunately, the introductory levels even play the same - I actually played the same level twice and I killed the same looking wolf twice. The game just feels lazy a lot of the time.
Divine Might is a game that promises to be something it clearly isn’t. The menus feel outdated, the models feel unoriginal, and the entire game seems to be built for people that don’t really understand what sort of game they are playing. Without meaning to offend anyone, I think most people that would enjoy this game and rate it well are those of the younger generation.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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