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Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash
Diner Dash

Review Diner Dash

Brandon Girod
Challenging gameplay, dynamic objectives, original premise
Difficulty spike
Diner Dash for Android is new to the platform, but an old classic that many of us probably grew up playing, or have at least heard about before. You play as a poor waitress whose jobs gets increasingly more difficult every day. Fortunately for her, that's where you come in.
Clicking is the core of the gameplay, and man is there a lot of it. The mechanics are simple. You seat a customer, grab them a cup of Joe, take their order, bring them the food, collect the bill, and clean off the table for the next guest. If this seems like a lot of work, it's because it is. In a real restaurant you've got at least three people to handle all of those tasks, but not this joint. It's classy.
To make it more difficult, you'll notice that some people are wearing certain colored clothing that may or may not match the color pattern of particular seats. You want to rack up as many points as possible, so that means color coordinating with the customers to make sure you match them with the right table.
Each level also has an independent goal that you must hit in order to progress. These are usually something simple like getting a certain customer type a cup of coffee x amount of times or getting five color matches in a row.
There's no doubt that Diner Dash is an incredibly fun, but challenging game. There were times where I'd click to do so many actions that I simply lost myself in the shuffle and it took me a minute to recoup, which meant that there were already customers lined up out the door and I was pretty much done for. No pressure, though.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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why cant i play diner dash on samsung tab 3
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