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Micro Battles
Micro Battles
Micro Battles
Micro Battles
Micro Battles
Micro Battles

Review Micro Battles

Kevin Vadala
Fun multiplayer action, no ads, no microtransactions
Locked to one a day
Micro Battles for Android is a two-player game series that includes four games. There aren’t many ads in the games, or microtransactions, but you are limited to one of the four games a day. Each day you get to play a random game out of the four. All of the games are similar in that the controls work the same, the gameplay works similar, and the graphics of the games are all pixel based.
The games in Micro Battles are fun, but it depends on who you play them with. The games are definitely competition based and all revolve around beating each other through a point system. All of the games feel like playing table tennis in a way because you navigate a control a unit with one button and throw things at the other player.
There is an axe game where you line up axe throws that bounce around, an airplane game where you can fly around and shoot at your opponent, a old western dueling game, and a soccer game. Each one of these games controls fast and fluently, and they all contain similar but unique styles. I really liked how simplistic the games were but the true core component within all of the games is that it relies on your own competitive nature between you and your friend. If that doesn’t exist, I can’t see these games being very fun. You can try them with yourself, but it feels like playing ping pong with yourself (albeit more conveniently).
The graphics in each game are bright, colorful, and wonderful simple and pixelated. The graphics provide a good base for the simple gameplay itself.
I wasn’t a really big fan of the random chance to play a game per day, because it actually took me a handful of days just to play each game. However, I did really like the lack of ads and microtransactions in the game. In terms of playing with a partner, I can see this model working better than it did for me cause you could ask your friend to play with you once a day, instead of being like me and being frustrated I couldn’t play them all at once.
Micro Battles are fun and simple games that don’t have much complexity but the games have polish and snap. If you have a good partner to compete with, you’ll enjoy what you find here.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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