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Review Atooma

Sergei Petrov
Atooma - full automation smartphone
Atooma - is a new program that allows you to automate some of the features of your smartphone. For example, you can configure the program so that when you come home, it turns off the mobile internet and connected to your Wi-Fi. Similarly, you can crank out any manipulation of settings, and get a smartphone to execute any script.
At this point, the program is in beta, so do not be surprised a lot of small blunders in the design and possible errors. Despite this, we can not pay attention to such an ambitious and exciting project.
The application is built on a very simple principle. Creating a new configuration "atom", we finished items of setting consists simply diagrammatic equation in the form "if condition A, then we activate the action B".
So the "if" (IF) are called in the program triggers, and the elements of "DO" are called actions. As conditions may be the level of charging, the status of the headset, receive a new photo or message, the status of Wi-Fi, and all that you want. As the action uses the same elements, except for those who, by their logic, can not be an action, such as "incoming message."
Make it easier to understand the design of this can be done, here are a couple of small examples:
Saving battery - the most popular and sought after combination, that is, turn off all power-consuming functions when the preset threshold level of charge.
The inclusion of music - stick the headphone jack, and immediately start your favorite music, what could be easier and more logical?
Switching the Internet - include 3G, and immediately turns off Wi-Fi, why take the extra charge? You can also do the inverse configuration.
In general, the way to use Atooma a car and small truck. The developers, realizing that many do not want to understand the intricacies of constructing functions (and it is very easy), allowing users to share their configs.
If you go to the point Wall (top menu), then there is just a huge collection (sorted by popularity) examples of how people use the program. And even do not have to invent anything, just select what you want, click one button and you have already setup.
Activated and working atoomy (configuration) are painted in color, black and white, respectively - is inactive settings. To activate, simply open the desired atoom and press the big tick.


Atooma - this is an extremely promising service to automate routine operations, which receives an advance from us high marks. Work to be a lot more, because on some devices it's just not working, showing errors or somewhere completely eats battery. You can download the program free of charge from our website or store Google Play.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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