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Review Miika

Kevin Vadala
Creative game design, innovative controls
Frustrating, short
Miika for Android is a puzzle game where the goal is to move the character across 3-D paths. The character resembles a cute little mouse or something-rather.
First and foremost, this game sticks out because of the design of the game. I can definitely say that the design of the game is creative, innovative, and fun for the most part. Although, it’s fun simply because how different it is from any other game I've played for on the App Store.
A lot of games on the app store differentiate themselves from others apps through the use of unique art styles, combat elements, or through the use of polish. In some ways, this game doesn't use any of those methods. However, Miika differentiates itself through the use of its controls.
The controls in this game are dynamically connected to the game play itself. That isn't to say that the graphics of the game are bad, because they are actually quite cool and stylized. Everything about the game feels very cute and charming. The music within the gameplay is also simple but enjoyable. But as I said before, the control scheme and thus the gameplay really take the forefront for what makes this game different. Everything else simply feels OK.
In the game, you rotate your viewing angle in order to line up block paths for your character to walk on. This sounds simple, but all the paths are in different 3d layers. So, it becomes a matter of perspective in order to be able to have your character move across the path. My biggest complaint with the game is that this process can sometimes feel very frustrating; because it looks like your character can move across the path and most of the time they can't because one specific path is needed for your character to advance along the path. I think this is a design flaw within the game, because I can't really see them creating ways for you to always line up the path without a much more powerful engine.
Sometimes it feels like you are just spinning around, over and over, just trying to find the exact position so your character can move across the path. The character just walks forward and backwards in a loop! All puzzle games can be frustrating, and this game is no exception. When things work, it’s incredibly satisfying but sometimes it feels more like a sigh in relief than one of satisfaction.
Miika is a creative game, but not always a fun game because of its complex gameplay mechanics. Try it out if you want some different!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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