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Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit
Google Fit

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Tariq Abdulla
Works in the background, completely free, no ads
No calorie statistics
Google Fit for Android automatically tracks your walking, cycling and running. Just keep it on in the background, and use information from approximate changes in your position and your accelerator, and clever machine learning, to automatically figure out how you are moving. Being Google, the most successful machine learning company in the world, you can bet it's going to be reliable and accurate.
You can set a daily goal for either number of active minutes, or number of steps. The app will give you encouragement during the day to tell you how you are doing (e.g. "halfway there!", "1,963 more steps to your goal!") Information is displayed as a doughnut chart with 3 colors running, walking and cycling. It's probably best not to think of it as a doughnut chart if your aim is to lose weight though... or as a pie chart... why are there so many chart types with unhealthy delicious names? You also get a bar chart or line chart to show how much of each activity you've been doing throughout the day. If you wish, you can use the app to record your weight, and you can also connect it to lots of other fitness trackers to import activity information from elsewhere.
Google Fit is a bit like Moves, but it doesn't try to make a map of everywhere you have been, and doesn't encourage you to turn GPS on. Both Moves and Fit have a very low battery profile though. I somewhat prefer the way that Moves displays relative activity information as 3 different sized circles, but the maps and storylines are a bit unnecessary for everyday pedometer style activity tracking. But I like the way that Google Fit shows your history from previous days, both in the bar chart you can scroll along, and as a percentage of your goal for each day.
What both these apps are currently missing is calorie information. I want to know how many extra calories I burned today from going for that run; and I want to be able to set a calorie burning goal. In the same vein, I'd like to be able to enter other activity types like swimming. Fit let's you manually enter "other", while Moves has no facility for entering anything apart from the automatically tracked activities. I love the way these apps automatically categorize your activities and log them without you having to do anything, but there's room here for improved stats.

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