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Review Gamebanjo

Kevin Vadala
A lot of games, simple but fun games
Cash grab, copied games
Gamebanjo Deluxe is an app that has 26 games for you to play for free. All of the games use the same currency system, which sometimes feels like a game outside of all the games. There is a way to gamble to get more coins, and various ways to earn currency that might not be super effective. Alongside the questionable currency system, are more obnoxious ads pasted beside the games and after you play games. The whole app feels like a really smart way for the developers to get you to keep giving them money, by keeping you busy with a lot of games that have currency that all goes back to them.
Even though the app’s design might be a money-making scheme, a lot of the games in the app are pretty polished and work well. Most of the apps are tried and true classics (or games they have copied, depending on how you look at it). Expect to see bejeweled, bubble popper, snake, base builder, Tiny Wings, Sudoku and more! Each one of these games have new names like Vegas Mogul which is a base and city builder, and Alien Planet.
Each one of the games plays out decently. Sometimes the games don’t have as much nonsense attached to them because it’s more spread out through the app. The result is a simpler experience in each game which feels very refreshing. The tower defense game I played felt very simple and plain, and I didn’t have to try to make myself believe that it was something besides a tower defense game.
While each game plays simple, it’s annoying navigating around the games because the back button on your android device doesn’t work within the various game menus. You have to push a button at the top left corner of each game which becomes a hassle after time and time again.
Gamebanjo Deluxe feels fair with all of the games they let you play, but most of them feel like trial versions until you earn more currency. If you only like a couple of the games, there might not be enough enjoyment here for you to spend much quality time playing games.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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