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Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot
Deep Loot

Review Deep Loot

Kevin Vadala
Creative game design, no ads and feels fair to play free, fun graphics
Movement feels slow
Deep Loot for Android is a pixelated diving game where your main focus is to get loot. You drill through squares, fight off fish, and explore underwater areas.
In many ways Deep Loot feels like a good game to me, but it wasn’t one that I enjoyed my time with. The controls in the game feel very slow, and others have made the comparison that this game feels rogue like and I’m inclined to agree, but for me, rogue-like wasn’t a good thing in terms of the movement. When you tap, your character moves to the location but it feels delayed. It’s also a bit disconcerting to be moving around underwater around blocks that get in the way, and the fish trap you sometimes. Combat isn’t always the most graceful of affairs.
Some rogue-likes are very successful because they make blocky movement feel fast, but everything about Deep Loot feels very slow. When you start the mission, and it's even slow from the start of each mission as you are slowly dunked into the water (although there is a funny whack animation that the other divers give to your head to get you to go into the water).
Thankfully, while Deep Loot doesn’t always feel like the most dynamic of gameplay experiences, the payment model of the game is very good. It’s sad that this is almost a thing unseen in these harsh days and it’s almost something that I wouldn’t want to give game extra points for. But Deep Loot lets you buy things in game with earned money, and there aren’t any ads. For those who like the game, your experience will be much better overall than if the payment model was designed otherwise.
Deep Loot is a game where you submerge your pixelated character into bright watery depths and fight some fish here and there. Sometimes there’s chests to find, and even a mini-story that unveils throughout the course of the game. But Deep Loot just feels so slow paced, and won’t appeal to those who must have smooth movement and a quick feel to their game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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