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Clash of Gangs
Clash of Gangs
Clash of Gangs
Clash of Gangs
Clash of Gangs
Clash of Gangs

Review Clash of Gangs

Tariq Abdulla
Atmospheric soundtrack, interesting levels, addictive game play, no ads
Long wait times if you don't make purchases
Clash of Gangs for Android is a tactical combat game where you build up an army of thugs and violent criminals and send them on missions to attack and destroy other hoods. These can be actual bases developed by other players, or they can be part of the linear sequence of increasingly difficult missions to work through. But watch out: someone could attack your base while you're not looking; so it's important to also build some defenses.
There's a whole stack of in-game currencies, which gives you something to do while your soldiers are being trained. You make money from casinos, and 'juice' from juice factories. You need juice for training people, and money for most other things. You can usually pay with a bit of gold instead, but the exchange rate between gold and money isn't fixed exactly. You earn 'street cred' from missions, and can use this for hiring bosses. Bosses increase your reputation and can be deployed as very tough defensive units if you get a 'boss base' (which is a car). You need to actually tap and collect juice and money from the relevant buildings, which seems a little redundant, but the animations and sound effects of cash flying into your account are really satisfying.
Everything can be upgraded through multiple levels. All the buildings. All the characters. The bosses. There's a HQ which limits your number of each building, so you need to upgrade the HQ to build more casinos and juice factories.It's all hugely addictive. There are no ads. The developers are hoping that to hook you with it enough that you buy some gold to help speed up gameplay. You can opt to complete most upgrades etc instantly using a few gold units. But you can also earn gold in various other ways. There's no absolute need to buy extra gold, but it will speed the game up significantly if you do.
The graphics are pretty detailed for a mobile game, and that's quite important because it's the visual elements that keep it interesting. The soundtrack is just perfect for the game - it makes you feel like getting up to trouble.
Pretty soon you'll have a dangerous looking posse, looking every inch like their ready to jack cars and terrorize vulnerable people in dark alleyways. Battle action is a matter of just deploying your gang around another base. They actually just fight by attacking the nearest objects by themselves. It can be a bit frustrating if they start attacking buildings instead of ganging up on someone shooting at them. But the essential tactic is make sure you have a big enough army that you can overpower them, before going into battle.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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Hoping they bring a lot more content to this one. It's a bit sparse on variety compared to IGG's other big games, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords and even their newer games like Gods rush. There's only really fight club and raiding atm. They have said they have a lot planned for it though. One word of warning to anyone starting to play - do NOT use street cred to hire heroes. You'll never get anything decent hiring that way, and you need all the street cred you can muster to level Bosses up as you go along. And trust me, once you run out of it, it's really hard clock it back up, mainly because of the lack of modes to gain more by way of rewards. 
Vlad Popa
Thanks for the input KG75. Hopefully this comment will provide helpful to new users
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