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Review GunFinger

Kevin Vadala
Controls work well
Repetitive, microtransaction based gameplay
GunFinger for Android is a zombie shooting game that takes you through different environments. You start off shooting targets, then rats, and eventual zombies that want to eat you. Can Zombies taste? Unfortunately, this game doesn’t answer that question but it does throw hordes of zombies at you and contains plenty of guns to spend real money on.
The shooting in GunFinger is simple but it works well. You simply tap on enemies to shoot the gun, and then swipe on the lower left corner to reload. The reloading takes a long while, and slows down the gameplay - but sometimes it does make the pace feel more frantic when you barely manage to get a shot off at a zombie. The reloading animations are also fairly detailed which is cool. You see the bullet coming out, and when I used the shotgun, it folded in half.
I liked shooting zombies, but sometimes shooting other things was difficult. In the second level I had to shoot a bunch of rats and they were running around so quick I could barely hit anything. When the zombies started coming it was fun to line up headshots with the slow-mo cam.
GunFinger isn’t a complicated game. The shooting is the same from level to level, and your only incentive to keep playing is to see new environments and earn new weapons. Of course the game manages to suggest that you should buy new weapons, and I imagine that at some point you really have to invest some form of payment to keep yourself alive in the game.
GunFinger is a decent game by app store means, but its nothing innovating or risky.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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